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10-in-1 Wedding Spreadsheet - Online Budget Planner, Guest List Template Google Sheets Checklist, Expense Worksheet & Venue Comparison

✋ Stop! Did you know that 74% of couples go over their wedding budget?

76% wish they could change at least one major aspect of their wedding!

Why are so many couples so wrong when it comes to planning their wedding?

Let’s face it, wedding planning can be SO stressful and overwhelming (we know).

There are SO MANY things you have to stay on top of including…

➖ Figuring out whom to invite
➖ Making sure RSVPs are sent to the right people (on time)
➖ Arranging seating that makes everyone happy
➖ Choosing THE BEST venue
➖ Making sure your wedding doesn’t go over budget
➖ And so much more!

With so many pieces, it’s easy to miss something BIG or just makes you want to cave in and hire an expensive (and unnecessary) wedding agent.

Do not fear! There’s a solution…

Introducing the Prazoli 10-in-1 Wedding Spreadsheet!

A beautiful place to easily keep all of your vital wedding information perfectly organized and on track so you can TRULY experience the wedding of your dreams!

This easy-to-use Google spreadsheet comes with a full tutorial on how to use EVEN IF you’ve never used Google Sheets or any spreadsheet before.

This 10-in-1 wedding spreadsheet includes:

✔️ Wedding AND Honeymoon Budget Spreadsheet
✔️ Wedding Guest List Template
✔️ To-Do Wedding Checklist
✔️ Wedding Planning Timeline Template
✔️ Venue Comparison Spreadsheet
✔️ Wedding Idea List
✔️ And more!

Now, what makes the Prazoli Wedding Spreadsheet better than every other wedding planner?

Other Google Sheets and Excel templates are not NEARLY as comprehensive as this. Normally, where you have to repeat the same information multiple times you only have to input information once and all of the automatic calculations are done for you! (Check out the tutorial video to see how.)

This spreadsheet is FAR better than printable wedding planners because you can have everything in one, clean place wherever you go vs. hundreds of single-use pages scattered around. (Oh, and it helps save the trees!)

Not only are other wedding planning websites & apps expensive but you don’t own the data - the company does. Once you buy this template you OWN it forever and can make as many changes as you like!

Are you still not 100% sure that this wedding spreadsheet will not relieve an extreme amount of stress for you and your partner?

Or that this spreadsheet won’t be super easy to use and track every single important aspect of your wedding?

Watch this demo video to see exactly what you’ll get and how easy it is to use:



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