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Prazoli Ring Box for Wedding Ceremony - Walnut Wood

  • 🔒 SAFER THAN PILLOWS - You’ve probably heard the horror stories of cute little ring bearer losing his balance thrusting the bride and groom’s rings into a deep, bottomless shaft or stepping over them in the dirty soil. Unlike pillows, the Prazoli wedding ring bearer box latch ensures your rings are 100% secure AND beautifully displayed.

  • 💍 YES, IT WILL FIT! - Worried you or your partner’s wedding band will be too big or too small to properly fit? Unlike other ring boxes for wedding ceremonies, the Prazoli wedding ring box has been tested on DOZENS of wedding rings & bands of all sizes to make sure BOTH of your rings fit snugly and beautifully.

  • ❤️ DELIGHT FOR YEARS - Not only does the Prazoli wedding holder provide a safe and beautiful display of your wedding rings on your Big Day and honeymoon but back at home you can place it on your nightstand for safekeeping before bed (and as a beautiful reminder of your special day).

  • 🕊 SMALL & LIGHTWEIGHT - The Prazoli wedding double ring box is specifically designed to be the perfect size and weight for little ring bearer hands, pockets, and your nightstand at home.

  • 😰 AFRAID? - Are you worried your ring box will come scratched and your rings won’t fit? Fear not! If you don’t absolutely love your Prazoli wedding ring box, we will refund 100% of your purchase within 30 days. ADD TO CART now.*

    *Returns & refunds accepted for USA orders only.

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